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We are busy writing content, designing the new website, BUILDING the new website, and, most important of all, creating more videos for you to watch and learn.

There are six Series live now. More coffee please.

Two of the new Series are complete: Illustrator Kindergarten and Let's Start: InDesign's Toolbar.

The other four are open ended and we'll continue to add Episodes as the opportunities present themselves. They include: Checkin' the Mail, Adobe CC Practical Jokes, Take Your Viewers to Work Day, and Digi Bites.

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On the Air with LIVE!

We're live in 4 ... 3 ... 2 ....

It just wasn't enough for us to be busy making episodes for the launch of No, we had to ALSO start making live shows, streaming on Adobe Behance. We hope you'll join us.

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Straight From Headquarters

We aren’t Bloggers, so don’t expect to be bombarded with brilliance here. We like to serve our brilliance in small, unexpected doses.

Russell Viers

Russell Viers

While napping: 2 hours read
Russell Viers

Russell Viers

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Russell Viers

Russell Viers

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Meet the Cast

These are not paid actors. Our Cast have been doing this a long time. Not just the training, but also working as professionals in the industry, in many facets of graphic design on thousands of varied projects.

Julia Zieger

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Julia Zieger is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and concept artist with a diverse range of styles and visual language. She is known to put a lot of effort, detail, and knowledge into her presentations and projects to educate other designers and illustrators.

Russell Viers

Third Chair Trumpet

I'm just a guy who was lucky to have made MANY mistakes creating files since 1987...and learning from those mistakes. Always trying to find a better way, I've learned the techniques you see in these videos on real projects over 35 years (plus many more doing paste-up).