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Our Suggested Pricing:

“Suggested Pricing” you wonder? “What do they mean by that?”

We know not everyone has the cash to spend on training, regardless of how much they may benefit from it. So, unbeknownst to the “suits” in the executive wing of Towers, we are implementing a “Pay What You Can” plan, which gives you the freedom to watch our videos and contribute what your budget allows. Therefore, the pricing you’re looking at is our “Suggested Pricing” and what we believe the product is worth.

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Most Popular!

Individual Subscription

$17.95/ month

Pay annually to get $65 off

Your Individual Subscription Includes:

Get Your Coworkers Together!

Team Pricing

$14.95 / month / user

Pay annually to get $29 off / user

Your Team Subscription Includes:

  • Access to all Series and Episodes

  • Access to all Series & Episodes

  • Dashboard with individual and team statistics

  • Access to all other content

  • All members paid by one credit card

  • Not eligable for “Pay What You Can” Plan

For Associations, Schools, and Groups!

Enterprise Level Special Pricing

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Enterprise Level Plans Include:

  • Custom pricing, depending on viewership

  • Special Dashboard to Check Group Stats

  • Dashboard to manage team members and groups

  • Full Access to Series and Episodes

  • Contact us to work out the details

In Case You're Wondering...

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