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Frequently Asked Questions


Paying monthly helps us plan and budget easier than random buckets of cash poured on our table, but it’s better than nothing!

So sure, if you’re watching along and want to throw some money our way, just click on the XXX and choose “Paying My Part” instead of changing your monthly subscription.

Yes, sort of.

As we build the site, we are leaving a bunch of videos free for you to watch and share and tell the world.

Once we are ready for the full release of Digiversity.tv, there will be a paywall added and all viewers must be registered to be able to view.

“But what about the money?” you’re still wondering. Well, we are implementing a “Pay What You Can” plan that would, yes, allow you to watch for free. Our hope is that you get value out of what we’re doing and are willing to pay for it.

Read about our “Pay What You Can” plan here

Yes, in fact it's encouraged. Many of our videos are actually recorded by presenters who are wearing pajamas.

This will be available in our full release later in the year. For now, just call, text, or email all of your friends and tell them what you think of our videos (unless you don't like them, then please just keep it between us).

You can also drop us a line on our Contact form and let us know your thoughts.

Of course, please!

Just drop us a note using our Contact Form. It's important you put your email address in there so we can respond and follow up with any questions.

And don't forget our "Checkin' the Mail" series, where you can ask us a question and we'll answer with an episode.


Our videos are sorted into three buckets:

  • Essential

  • Advanced

  • Power User

If you are a beginner, perhaps start with the Essential learning videos. Some Essential videos are covering topics that may not be considered "beginner," but they cover information that is essential to your success as a graphic designer, so we suggest you try to watch, absorb, and apply the techniques presented.

Not at this time. Currently, you'll need to use a browser connected to the internet to watch episodes. Our site currently supports Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and others.

Deep in the Top Secret area of the Digiversity.tv labs, our engineers are working through the nights to find a solution to make our videos work reliably on Netscape 4.0.

The videos are recorded at 1080HD and can be viewed at that quality, if your internet speed allows. If your internet is too slow to view at that speed without interruption, the video player automatically adjusts to lower quality.

It's also possible that your video player has been set to manually show at a lower quality. Check to make sure your player is set to Auto or a higher quality to see the images clearly.

Not at this time. You'll need to watch on a device that is connected to the internet.