The Bride of Digiversity.tv

Let's Make Some Training Videos...Take 2

Welcome to Digiversity.tv II, or TOO, or Rides Again or whatever other name Hollywood would come up with. Perhaps “Digiversity.tv and the Chamber of Training Videos.”

Whatever the name, Digiversity.tv is coming back soon with an all new library of training videos, initially covering the Adobe Creative Cloud apps…

  • InDesign

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Bridge

  • InCopy

  • Acrobat DC

  • Camera Raw

  • Lightroom

…as well as some device apps and more.

Busy times. We anticipate our Beta Site will be live around October 1 and our Phase 1 Live Site will launch before Thanksgiving. 

Going Back to the Beginning

Digiversity.tv started streaming video training content in 2001, when the infrastructure for this type of thing was still limited to more populous areas. Since the content was targeted to community newspapers, the product was a bit ahead of its time for the small community newspapers in rural areas.

But it was fun. So what if I lost money on the venture.

With the help of my buddy Brent Niemuth, we filmed 48 episodes over the course of two-ish years. I was told by customers they could tell when people were watching our videos because they could hear laughter coming from the cubicles.

The concept of the show was mildly entertaining. My character’s name was Russell Viers and he was the host of a show called DIGIVersity.TV. Brent played the graphic designer neighbor who would burst onto the set at the beginning of each episode, interrupting the intro, and proclaiming “I’m workin’ on a project…” Oddly enough, the questions Brent had for his project just happened to be the topic of that episode, and he was invited to join in and learn while my character, Russell, finished recording the show.

We recorded “live” and very little post production was necessary. He and I just ad libbed our way through the 90-minute shows. 

There were always two running themes: The topic of that show, like What’s New in Photoshop, and a running joke.

Maybe I’ll dig up some old shows and post them, so you can see what’s new in InDesign 2.0 or Photoshop 6.0.

It was a lot of fun…but not this time around. This time I’m going for the title of “Most Boring Training Videos on the Market” or something like that. Maybe there’s a “Sleeper Award” I could win.

Well, maybe that’s not true, either.

Back to the Future

“The Return of Digiversity.tv” came about as a fluke, really. I moved to Magdeburg, Germany in October of 2020, in the midst of Covid-19 lockdowns, to live near my girlfriend and partner. In applying for a “freelance visa” they asked for a business plan of what I was going to do while here. 

From this plan came the reality of the new site you’re visiting now. Welcome.

One of the first items on my agenda was to make sure I had partners who could help me pull it off. You can read their bios in the Digi-Team page on this site, but in short, Julia Zieger is an Adobe design wizard (along with many other applications) and brilliant artist, while Christian Bartelt has a knack for programming a site that is functional, flexible, adaptable, and a bunch of other adjectives I could throw out.

I would not have attempted this project without them…or succeeded.

The New Face of Digiversity.tv

It was time for a new brand identity, as well, and I called on my friend Mark Eimer to create something new. I gave him zero direction, other than the name and the plan for the new site. He nailed it on the first round and we quickly adapted the look of the site, videos, marketing, etc. to the new look, colors, and the three dots. You’ll see this new brand identity play a large role in all we built.

Before making new content, I wanted to make sure our brand had a unique direction, setting us apart from the other video training outlets. Julia and I sat down one night and wrote our Mission Statement, which set the tone for our content creation. It is:

“Digiversity.tv is an independent video training provider for the graphic design community delivering content that is entertaining, engaging, and comprehensive for all skill levels.”

Our goals are clear:

  • We are not corporate

  • We focus on graphic designers’ needs for training content

  • We answer questions as completely, and deeply, as possible

  • We want to have fun

  • We want to help designers learn to work faster, improve quality, and enjoy creating

  • We don’t want to work too hard

  • We have no dreams of getting rich

  • We want viewers to ask questions so we can answer with training videos

  • We will provide videos for all learning levels: essential, advanced, and power users

  • We want to wear pajamas while working

  • We will take lots of naps

Feel free to call us out on any part of our product that doesn’t meet these goals. 

On a final note, we have a lot of fun things planned that we have to grow into, so I won’t announce them, yet. Maybe I can tell you about them when our Beta Launch happens around October 1 or when we go live with Phase 1, hopefully before Thanksgiving.


I'm just a guy who was lucky to have made MANY mistakes creating files since 1987...and learning from those mistakes. Always trying to find a better way, I've learned the techniques you see in these videos on real projects over 35 years (plus many more doing paste-up).

Russell Viers

Third Chair Trumpet

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