Introducing Our "Pay What You Can" Plan

We believe enough people will pay enough

Here at Digiversity.tv, we have a strong belief in humanity. 

In these times, that might seem difficult, we believe that people are inherently good. When it comes to artists and graphic designers, our experience is that they are a generous and kind slice of that humanity.

So on that note, I’m taking this time to announce our plan for a “Pay What You Can” subscription model for the new launch of Digiversity.tv.

Yes, you read that correctly, it’s “Pay What You Can.”

We have published subscription rates based on our overhead. We would love it if everyone would pay those, but we also realize that some people may not have the budgets for video training right now. Or, perhaps they have SOME budget, but not the full amount.

Whatever the situation may be, we prefer folks to pay what they can and utilize our services instead of being left out of needed training and resources. If you CAN pay the published rate, please do so. If you can only pay $1 per month, then we appreciate that as well. If you can’t pay monthly, but want to pay in random lump sums, we can make that work, too.

Of course, if you want to pay MORE than the published rates, to help cover the cost for people who can’t afford it, we will NOT say “No.”

We Don’t Want Advertising On the Site

Our belief is that people will give enough that we can make this work. Our needs are simple here at Digiversity.tv;

We do NOT want to subsidize this with advertising. 

This is not a scheme to get as many viewers as we can and start selling ads. Ugh. Just the thought of having to sit through a five-second spot to watch a training video turns my stomach. I can’t imagine the look of our new site ruined with banners, skyscrapers, and popups.

No, if we get to the point we have to sell advertising, we’ll first reach out to you, the Digiversity.tv Crew.

It’s All About the Content

We are not trying to be the biggest online library of training videos on the market. Quite the opposite. We are targeting our content to a smaller audience. We are hoping to make videos you can quickly watch, learn, and then get back to work…only faster and easier than before you watched the videos.

If we can do that, it’s our belief you will gladly pay your part and be part of the Digiveristy.tv Crew.

If we’re not living up to this, please drop us a line and let us know what you’re wanting. If you’re wanting more Microsoft Word or Excel videos, I’ll probably give a polite “NaNayNo.” 

Editor’s Note: To Clarify, there will be SOME videos covering Word and Excel in our library as we demonstrate how to make files from these applications work with InDesign (and other applications). We apologize for any confusion created by the above statement.

Are You In?

I’m curious to read and hear your thoughts.

The way this works is as follows: We are posting our published rates on the site so you can see what we think a subscription to Digiversity.tv is worth. They are as follows:


Paid Monthly: $17.95 / month

*Paid Annually in advance: $179.99 ($15.00 / month)

Team (5 or more users on same credit card) 

Per Member Paid Monthly: $14.95 / month

*Per Member Paid Annually in advance: $150.00 per user ($12.50 / month)

*Pay What You Can is not available for Annual plans.

We also offer what we call an "Enterprise" plan, where associations with lots of members and larger companies can enjoy additional savings as well as partial support for their members/employees. We already have several newspaper associations supporting this project through full, or partial, subscriptions.

When you register as an Individual or Team with a monthly plan, you’ll be given the option to pay the published rate (click that) or enter another amount per month you are able to pay. You

will also be able to enter $0 (don’t do that) and give a set amount as a one-time payment (oooh, that works).

Editor’s Note: Please ignore comments in ( ) in the above paragraph. Digiversity.tv doesn’t wish its viewers to feel pressure to pay more than they are able to.

It’s that simple.

This will all be set up when our site goes live around the first of December. Until then, feel free to watch our limited offering of videos for free.

And please, drop a line using our Contact Form and let us know what’s on your mind.


I'm just a guy who was lucky to have made MANY mistakes creating files since 1987...and learning from those mistakes. Always trying to find a better way, I've learned the techniques you see in these videos on real projects over 35 years (plus many more doing paste-up).

Russell Viers

Third Chair Trumpet

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