Illustrator Kindergarten

Welcome Students. I hope you brought your Uhu Sticks.

Our first series is in the can.

Yep, Illustrator Kindergarten is ready for release. We’re also creating several other series’ as I write this.

Illustrator Kindergarten seemed like a good one to start with as it gave me a chance to settle back into the studio on familiar ground. 

I actually recorded a similar series for Video2Brain in 2009, which later sold to It’s old enough that they’ve discontinued it, so I thought it was time for an updated version.

Because this series is about the absolute basics one needs to start creating and having fun with Adobe Illustrator, I like the name Illustrator Kindergarten. When I pitched this concept and name to Video2Brain in 2009, they weren’t having it.

“We think the name is derogatory to our viewers and we don’t want to go there,” they said, or something along those lines. 

I pushed back, saying “What do you mean? The name is perfect as it clearly states what the class is about.”

They weren’t having it. So I came up with a more corporate name for the class and away they went with it.

But now, twelve years later, I get to name the classes and I’m sticking with this. If you find it derogatory, I’m sorry, that’s not the intent. In this class I cover similar tools and concepts you would use to create art mechanically as a beginner. We create shapes and lines, use pencils and erasures, and we get out our scissors and knives (well, maybe that’s more first grade). I show you how to make art from text. I get you started working with color, gradients, and patterns and show you how to use basic tools to create and edit clip art, and more.

And it’s fun. 

When you’re done watching this series, even if you’ve never used Illustrator, you’ll be able to use Illustrator…at least for basic art.

I’ve given this class live, as well, and people who walked into the room having never opened Illustrator, left the room excited to have a new toy to use to create ads, logos, art, and the like.

As soon as we go live, come back with your Uhu Stick and get ready to have some fun in Illustrator Kindergarten.


I'm just a guy who was lucky to have made MANY mistakes creating files since 1987...and learning from those mistakes. Always trying to find a better way, I've learned the techniques you see in these videos on real projects over 35 years (plus many more doing paste-up).

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