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"And now it's time for another Bonus Scene!"

If you’ve been watching an episode and, out of the blue, the presenter says something like “And now it’s time for another Bonus Scene!” … don’t be surprised. Maybe you’ve also seen “But If You Are Paid By The Hour” or “Guess What I Just Learned.”

Nested inside of some of the episodes, where appropriate, are various extra bits of information that we hope make the episode you’re watching more complete.

An example of this is in the Episode “Placing Photos in Type” in the Illustrator Kindergarten Series. There is a Bonus Scene at the end which shows you how you can ALSO place photos in type in InDesign and how to do it (and how not to do it).

We like to show techniques that help you work faster. Sometimes much faster. So you might get to see a “But If You Are Paid By The Hour” if the presenter wants to show you how to work slower, for those not on salary.

The “Guess What I Just Learned” Easter Eggs are an admission that nobody knows everything, and we might want to add something new we learned after an Episode has already been live. This could very well happen after an upgrade or, well, when someone shows us something cool we didn’t know that we would like to share with you.

Oh, and there are also “Would You Like a Treat” and “Queso!” You’ll see.

There will be no listing of these and the only way to find them is by stumbling across them while viewing. 

Think of them as the hidden track on CDs. Remember those? You thought the CD was over and fell asleep, then some song would start blasting after ten minutes?

It’s like that…except we don’t wait ten minutes before they start, and, hopefully, you haven’t fallen asleep while watching.

While we’re on the subject of hidden tracks, I really must get this off my chest. U2 really has ruined a few restful moments for me, thanks to the hidden garbage at the end of The Wanderer. Johnny Cash just nails the vocals on that, a perfect song, then it fades out to what sounds like a really bad alarm clock screeching in my ears and, well, it’s just terrible.

But I digress. 

Editor’s Note: Whereas Russell’s comment is on point, we are not in any way trying to discourage readers from buying U2 CDs in any way. The above comments are solely the author’s and do not, necessarily, reflect the views of

I hope you enjoy the Easter Eggs and get some added value out of them. Perhaps some day we’ll add secret codes in them that will increase your chances of winning the lottery.


I'm just a guy who was lucky to have made MANY mistakes creating files since 1987...and learning from those mistakes. Always trying to find a better way, I've learned the techniques you see in these videos on real projects over 35 years (plus many more doing paste-up).

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