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I just finished the first episode of what I believe will be a fun series, called “Checkin’ the Mail.”

The concept is pretty simple, and the name says it all: When you send us questions, we will review them and answer them with a training video. There you go.

I get emails, texts, and social media direct messages all of the time asking random questions. So I thought: “Russell, why don’t you take those and make shows out of them. There have to be others who want to know the same thing.”

And that’s what I’m doing.

Well, unless it's a dumb question. People say there are no dumb questions, but this simply is not true. But please ask anyway. If the question does't warrant an episode, I'll reply and try to help, nonetheless.

"Hey, my printer won't work on Thursday's between 2:00 and 3:00. What's Up!?!" Yeah...don't ask us this sort of thing. Well, you can ask and maybe we have an answer, like "Is it plugged into one of those timer outlets and it's set to 'off' during that time?"

This first episode is answering an InDesign question related to Text Wrap. It’s a great question about what to do when you’ve got an object in your layout with Text Wrap applied, and you want to put text over that. The default setting just pushes the text into overset and it disappears.

So I answer it. And typical for me, I answer it with probably more information than you expected, because there are a few ways to do it and which way you choose is dependent upon how you work. So it’s not a simple “push this button” kind of video.

I have another question from a customer in South Dakota who wants to know about converting raster images to vector, so I plan to record another episode of Checkin’ the Mail soon so it's ready for our October Beta Launch.

This post is not only to inform you about the episodes, but also to encourage you to send us your questions so we can, perhaps, make an episode from it for you. You don't have to wait until we're live to ask.

We have invested in a very complicated pneumatic tube system which will allow you to send us your questions from any bank or pharmacy drive-thru in the world.

Editor's Note: The above statement isn't even close to true. They simply purchased a carrier on ebay for €13,95, plus shipping, and will merely act as if they are receiving your mail this way. We apologize in advance for any confusion the above statement may have made for our viewers.

Better, yet, drop a line anytime on our Contact Page.


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